Thought I would be your number one,

Thought I’d be your other one.. till now, I realized I was your pet… Yes another one.

Well no sir, I am not your servant, nor a trophy wife, I am not a serpent that crawls under your stance…I am not another one on your game of vice..

I am me,

I am amazing.. I am a woman and you’re a lazy kind of man…

I am for adoration not domestication, or entertainment..I ain’t that..I ain’t got time for that. . . No sir, I am not a saint, nor a wait, nor a bait…neither is she…nor they.. we ain’t what you crave.. we ain’t a crack on your watch nor a notch in your belt…

We are wondering, wonderful, weathering stars…

We aren’t your pets, we aren’t your princess, we aren’t your raffle, we aren’t your riffle, we aren’t your fight..

No sir… I will scratch your bag with fury whenever you want to come over and snatch a batch of this luxury…

Iwill demand all my work and all my worth from your husstling… I am not a pet that your performance is lacking- a truth in it’s smacking cause all I is is truth to bliss and in kind… Respect


In all



Or else you’ll see my

Intrinsic furry.. for I am not a pet

I am fire..

I am strength..

I am fire…

I am breath..

I am flower..

I am not your pet to hose down when in


I am not your potty trained monger,

I am not your thing to possess and longer…

I am not a dividend in your equation, nor an influx I’m your devastation,

I am not a pet nor a desperation,

I am a queen, a diva, a response, a reminder of ancestral divine intervention…

Iam not your pet to bring forward to your health insurance nor an animal to salvage from starvation…

I am a woman

Hear me roar…

I am not your domesticated-alocated-devaststed-infrastructure-necesitating-man-eater-defeater-diviner-proliferating-dish-potty-training-pet-.

Miaw but no.

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