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Superheroe movies are trending and with that the new need to find an antihero to blame for the ruckus on society. The faux world of alternate universe have seemed to cover all of our real universe issues and finding a heroe to save us is our youth (and less than youth) only recourse.

Upon watching Black Lightning tv show and other sagas portraying civilian watch group action it is plain clear that once again Hollywood wants to team us up against each other. It is pretty clear that Black Lightning vigilante status versus other superhero status paints a clear image of the ‘lesser than’ status of black or brown people who are searching for justice within their own communities. The deeper we dig, the more we find that a struggle within our own communities in real life has more to do with our stories and connections than what is portrayed on TV. Our drug dealers are our family members, our friends, our addicts are our parents, siblings or ourselves…

Superheroes, if they were real and were going after our usual suspects is dangerous and painful. The snitching over our own is, not only a real betrayal of trust within our Afro communities but also a painful strife that encopases an internal conflict of self righteousness or self hate.

The question why is only answered with historical lessons taught to us by our real superheroes. Martin, Malcolm, Madiba, the Black Panthers, Assata, Dead Prez and Tupac told us how we have been set up.

The wolf that sucks on its own blood after the hunter puts a blade on it’s tongue, is the best metaphor to sustain my claim. Thinking; that the do with the end of the bad of a dealer will bring peace is a shallow pursue of becoming right with the white – rich – way of things. Forgotten were the days of the belief that we are less and therefore subjected to their rules and regs. The reasons why the dealer is dealing or why the addict is fiending are forgotten to the superhero wannabes.

The main quests that are left to walk lead us to deserving answers .. answers to questions like; why; why our stories are forgotten or subjected.

The fitting in to the status quo makes Black Lightning angrily turn on to vigilante… a persona thay evidently fit him ‘not quite right..’ becoming to others a most the popular resolve to your community wellness…

Super power heals but also strains. Are WE to put off the fires ignighted with THEIR fuck offs and OUR blood or will WE be the ones to connect to the spiderwebs of stories and entanglements that bring OUR black face to dace with the mirrors of our ancestors… Maybe that’s the real superpower that makes us Godesses and Gods , the sacrifice in normalcy that makes them scarrrreddd…

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