Black Savage

I am a black savage, a poisoned remnant of a historical trade,

black savage;

an animal in revolt, animal filled with rage…

I am a black savage, an animalized beast locked up in an outdoors-supposed civilized cage,

I am a black savage -angry stuck piece of tangled historical braid,

reverse racism they say,

angry Goddess of revenge and rage my profound stare states.

White is the color of purity, black is the color of hate,

pure hatred for cornered opportunity and prejudice state.

I am black savage, fighting to salvage my heritage going astray,

viciously scathing layers of hidden dismay,

seeking to discover my natural fate, if there is such a thing.

Naturally savage, your history books say. . .

So then, swallow my dismay, encourage my despair,

provide me with forbidden power; if you dare; but be ware.

I am a black savage, a dark skin gone florescent;

glowing in a dark night filled with police brutality,

dimmed in a bright day lacking opportunity…

I am a black savage,

accused of everything that’s negative,

ripped from everything that’s positive.

Like a developed photograph; my destiny’s still life-

non challenging, non changing,

ongoing and impotent strife.

I am a black savage, a black dot with diminished humanity,

a numbed statistic, an enraged datum in your uncalled for poll,

a savaged troll surrounded by constructed Voodoo dolls;

dolls with light skin, dolls lacking kin-ship lives-African history deprived-dolls

I am a black savage,

ancestry transported on a ship-deported-basic rights damaged-economically unsupported baggage carrying-riches perished pissed off- savage,




desperate measuring,

family reassuring,

blackened beating,

savaging savage…

and you dare say this is racism in reverse.

3 thoughts on “Black Savage

  1. Hola Jennifer. Llegué aquí navegando, lo típico. Me estaba aguantando las ganas de comentar en tus otros textos, pero en este ya me hiciste saltar del todo. Otro dardazo más a la diana! Coraje y fuerza pa ti, hermana!

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