My cell phone dates back to 1909. If it falls it bounces back to my hand without a scratch and I love it! My friends suggest I “get with the times” and buy a new one, but I refuse. I feel my money is best spent on something, anything, else. One of my friends even tried to give me her old “Blackberry” as a gift because she was going to upgrade, I refused because I don’t really need this state of the art crap. 
Let me tell you why. The birth of the cellular phone marked the birth of uncontrollable urges for urgent communication of nothing.  As a social-community psychologist I find that cellular communication has created a whole new spectrum of psychopathology. 
   Here is a short list of them and explanations: 
 Celu-addiction:   The need to be connected at all times, people with this pathology most likely handle all their daily business trough their phones, and NEVER shut them off because this will most likely cause immediate panic. Most of us suffer from this one, my favorite treatment; leave the phone at home once in a while.. 
Celu-Paranoia: That feeling you get in your stomach every time you hear your “custom-ring”, you know the one, it rings for any unsaved contact. 
 Celu-Multi–personality disorder: ( CMPD ) Those of you who have two or three diff rent  numbers know what im talking about. Having a cell for one task and a diff rent one for “your self” or more. This can get confusing, cause denial, paranoia and hallucinations all combined! 
Cel-lu-image disorder: Those pictures that your messaging can come back to hunt you. Lets just leave it at that. 
and finally: Celu-bipolarism: Which I proudly have… and here is why: 
  Celu-bull shit.. all i just wrote before is bull shit… 
i got the blackberry, la fresa-negra ,…. what a life, being monitored 24-7 by ur loved ones… 
wow communication era///it’s here.. so let’s make the best of it.. 
like my Zulu friends in Natal… no matter where you’re at… call me. 
((( if they gonna monitor us any way.. ))) 
ok here goes what i think we can do: 
RESPECT people’s spaces… if they don’t bbm u back, its cool..   😉 
TRANSPORT messages of empowerment, love… blessings. 
AVOID communicating personal things.. keep private. 
MESSAGE life no matter how primitive your plastic cup phone is.. tell the world you’re ALIVE !

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