We All Need an Architecht: or the role of psycho-analysis on Inception and dreaming


For years now psychoanalysts have been entering human minds and intercepting dreams without the need for technological means. Sigmund Freud wrote “the interpretation of dreams” in hopes of gaining wide perspective and broadening human spectrum on how the mind functions.

Christopher Nolan takes psychoanalytical concepts and translates them to Hollywood action, mind blowing adventures in a fast paced recreation of a deep therapeutic session gone wrong. All trough out the movie characters throw Freudian concepts around like everyday colloquial talk. But what do these concepts really mean?

Even thou many of us understand the word subconscious as that deep part of our existence, this concept is very abstract and most psychologists and therapists disregard it as nonsense. Freud’s concepts have been taken as non scientific knowledge, theories and mere speculation. That’s is why I was shocked to listen Leonardo Di Caprio babbling about down under, projections, dreams and regressions.

To me these concepts are in fact very real and are within that palpable aspect of human existence. To me the subconscious mind goes deep and manifest itself in dreams every night, allowing us to wake up refreshed and feeling ready to go back to the world without the need to express and put our “id” out there, in other words, dreams are there to allow our subconscious mind to play, and go back to being serious in the morning.

The architect in the movie, in my opinion represents that important role of the therapists, who creates a world of mazes trough which our inner child, or deepest darkest self can get lost and in that joyful play find itself, preventing us from loosing our mind and letting this socially unaceptable being from running free.

Locura or craziness for many, is nothing but the manifestation of that inner shitload of messes that we have yet unresolved, that dad who died without loving us, or the wife who we have not parted with. That past experience that we have not been able to surpass sticks with us like a bad night mare, for some it is easy to identify, but others have these issues so repressed that they need to “go down under layers and layers” of reality to gain perspective and overcome this.

To me everyone should undergo psycho therapy. It helps learning about your inner voices, challenges and fears. But this society goes beyond this, asking us to bury our “id”, to repress our primal impulses, pleasures, desires and our wishes asking us to replace it with morality and punishment. That’s were society labels us as demented and excludes us from partaking experiences. Capitalist society, like the Chinese character, tries to go deep in our desires filling them with inception and making us believe that pleasure is found in money making, power gaining or oppression others.

We can, indeed, calm our inner child, and free ourselves from past burdens, but when the collective subconscious is “incepted” with ideas that oppress others is time to think about waking up from a bad dream.



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