How deep does the Rabbit hole inside each one of us go? Well i believe that it goes as far down as our aspirations, fears and hopes. Alice and her “wonder-land” might just be a children story, or it might just be that deepness within each one of us that we can’t shake off or fill completely.

Do we each have a lurking wonderland inside, a place of emptiness and shadows from our past. That place were we stuff our regrets in order to keep on living. I believe we all have a wonderland that holds our deepest fears, that Mad Hatter who dares to be different, poisoned with the anger of being silenced and censured by our bosses, teachers, parents, by plain ole’ common sense. Our wonderlands hold those dead relatives that talk to us in our sleep, holding us together in one piece,

waiting patiently until we don’t need their advice any longer, waiting until that day they can fly away, freely as butterflies. Like Alice’s father the caterpillar was the only one who truly believed in her full potential.

Wonderland is the place were our internal “War of the roses” occurs; will we be imprisoned to play traditional roles in the plays of our lives or will we slay the monsters and become true champions?

Do you dare say no to wearing a war-produced diamond, do you dare say nay to par taking racist actions, do you dare protest injustice, can you change jobs to help the needy, will you stop wearing brand names or buying your way into social acceptance? Will you allow your children to be gay or come  out of the closet your self? Will you marry the one you really love or help a family member stop suffering and unplug? Will you now support an abortion or will you finally take in that opportunity for adoption? WILL YOU !?

The choices are within us…

do you dare follow me today,

down the rabbit hole?

One thought on “Follow me to Wonderland; if you dare

  1. Down the rabbit hole…que frase más sublime. Qué es despertar y a qué queremos despertar? vale la pena estar despiertos? Gracias por tu análisis.

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